Bows are a ranged item that were added in Delver Alpha 8-13-12 . They require arrows to fire. There are three types of bows; Short Bows, Bows, and Longbows. Short Bows fire quickly and don't do much damage. Bows fire at a medium speed and do a medium amount of damage. Longbows do maximum damage but fire slowly. If you fire a bow rapidly at a mob, the arrows will be deflected and drop.


Short BowsEdit

  • Broken 1-4
  • Worn 1-4
  • Normal 1-4
  • Fine 3-6
  • Excellent 5-8


  • Broken 1-6
  • Worn 2-7
  • Normal 4-9
  • Fine 6-11
  • Excellent 8-13


  • Broken 3-10
  • Worn 5-12
  • Normal 7-14
  • Fine 9-16
  • Excellent 11-18

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