To replace a sound, simply place a file with the same name in the corresponding folder.

eg. place a new hurt.ogg in /audio in the same folder as your .jar file.

Helpful ThingsEdit

A helpful program to convert sound files to .ogg is Audacity get it here. The sounds in Audacity are louder than they are in game so, when in Audacity there is a tool bar on the top, click effect and use the amplify tool to make it louder (If needed).

The music loops (Obivously) so find good loop music that doesn't cut of instantly.

Folders and filesEdit

  • Audio
    • whoosh1.ogg
    • torch.ogg
    • steps.ogg
    • splash2.ogg
    • spell-missile-2.ogg
    • explode.ogg
    • clang.ogg
    • hurt.ogg
    • attack.ogg
    • Music
      • 01_call_of_adventure.ogg
      • 03_shimmering_caves.ogg
      • 02_descending.ogg
      • 04_swords_and_skulls.ogg

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