Shops are places where the player can purchase various items with Gold . Currently the only shops are Joff's Supplies and the Magician's Friend. These can both be found in the Camp .

Joff's SuppliesEdit

2014-11-17 00002

Joff, standing infront of two boxes.

Joff sells the player different starting supplies. Although he always carries the Skill in a Jar, the remaining items are randomized.  Some of the weapons sold can have different special effects on them (such as a Jeweled Sword of Speed).

Item Price
Amulet of Greater Protection 150 Gold
Arrow X 10  10 Gold
Bow 50 Gold
Longbow 125 Gold
Gilded Hammer 225 Gold
Heater Shield 250 Gold
Jeweled Dagger 150 Gold
Jeweled Sword 200 Gold
Jeweled Shortsword 180 Gold
Platemail Greaves 100 Gold
Platemail 125 Gold
Jeweled Helmet 200 Gold
Jeweled Greaves 225 Gold
Jeweled Platemail 250 Gold
Ring of Greater Protection 150 Gold
Skill in a Jar 250 Gold

Magician's FriendEdit

The Magician will sell the player Scrolls, prices range from 90 to 200 Gold.

2014-11-17 00001

The Magician's Friend, sitting by a log.

Item Price
Scroll of Blizzard 90 Gold
Scroll of Flame 90 Gold
Scroll of Greater Health 200 Gold
Scroll of Haste 200 Gold
Scroll of Health 120 Gold
Scroll of Resist Magic 150 Gold
Scroll of Teleport 90 Gold

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