Add any and all strategies for Delver here! They can range from how to stay alive during the escape, defeating tough enemies, getting to the orb, and more. For adding new strategies, use Heading 3. Other tips can be added at the bottom of the page. Add plenty of links to wiki pages so new players can learn more if wanted!

An Easy Adventure. By DirahmerEdit

I have found in my experience from playing delver, the best way to survive, get to the orb and getting out is to level nothing but health. It gets boring, repetitive, and most people may not like it. But having 60+HP makes this game a lot easier when trying to escape. I would also say to not fight at all on the way out unless you are trapped. Fighting makes opportunities for you to get hit and taking dmg is never a good thing. Make sure to have alot of food in your inventory, and do not rely on potions to much except magic resist and numbness. Those 2 combined literally give you god mode.

Defeating the Liche.Edit

Drink an iron skin  get as close as possible so he starts useing melee and smack him with your sword.

Defeating the Lich! By TheNiteEdit

From my experiences, it is best to use ranged weapons like wands or bows . If you have any arcane potions , use them as well! I clear out all of the visible enemies in the room from the opposite side with my bow, slowly getting closer to lure them toward me. Once they are dealt with, chug down an arcane potion and let loose with your best wands on the lich ! Try to have nearby cover to hide behind! In a few shots, he should be dead, allowing you to take your prize !

Getting back to the surfaceEdit

An awesome strategy I have thought up (but have not yet implemented) is for when you are having trouble getting back to the surface after you have the orb.  My theory is that when you grab the orb, stay in that room and fight the endless waves of skeletons until you can eventually level your self up to max stats.

Planning Everything By Oni SorasoushaEdit

One of the basic battle tips given early on is to always have an escape route. You might easily think that this just means to have an escape route for your current encounter, but planning an escape route for your trip out of the dungeon from the moment you set foot in, is a great way to ensure your success. Generally you'll get more food and healing potions than you really need to use, and you can pretty safely use wands to fight for most of your adventure. Only level up your health for surviveability, other stats may be nice, but health matters the most. Don't just go down a floor when you find the ladder, thoroughly explore every floor you come across, and make sure to drop food along the path leading out. Handling the Lich is easy when you have plenty of HP, just use either your best bow, or a lightning wand, and you'll be able to take him without getting hit most of the time: if you do get hit, try to keep some healing on hand, but don't go overboard. The most important thing is leaving a trail of healing goodies/buffs the whole way out of the dungeon. Remember, explore everything this gives you valuable experience to add to your HP pool, and also helps you get the best gear possible. When you're escaping, run, and eat every time you find another of the 'bread crumbs' you left behind on your way down, and you should have little to no trouble. The only monster that MUST be killed every time you see it when escaping are the floating skulls, as they will stop you from running! Also! I find checking my map while running a LOT easier if you use the options to keybind map to the tab key, rather than M. (This only works on PC to my knowledge!)

Other TipsEdit

  • Skulls can be thrown to activate traps, or deal a little damage!
  • Potions that make you feel arcane make you immune to magic attacks for a short amount of time!
  • If you want to control lots of enemies at once (meaning that you won't get swarmed) throw a potion (mostly the bad one) and then fire your bow or wand at it and it'll explode.