Heeellllloooo! Today I have done a lot of work. Most of the work was not adding things to the wiki but rather reworking older pages. This will help improve the visual aspect of the wiki. I have added info boxes to the mobs pages, added a link to the strategies page and same with the Dungeon Blocks pages. On other news Ocguy1492 came to the wiki and said that he wanted to fight vandals and fix typos. He proved himself rather quickly so I gave him rollback capabilities. This means he can easily undo any vandalization if he finds it. The Delver Wiki has also formed a Wiki alliance with the MineCraft PE Wiki. Tis means we advertise their wiki and they advertise ours. I would also like to mention that this wiki has increased from 50 views a day to an average of over 1,000. The day of the Yogscast video we had a massive 5,000 visitors that day. Oh yeah and I have also slightly redone the wiki theme, nothing to crazy, but it adds so ambiance to the look. Thanks for reading this obscurely long Blog Post, goodnight.

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