The zombie is a slow, lumbering undead monster. It's attacks can cause poison. Because of this you should try to kill this monster with a wand or bow. If combating this monster with a Long Sword or Short Sword, you should charge up your weapon and then wait for the Zombie to come to you. If you must use a dagger you should charge this monster rather than waiting for it to come to you.



  • The zombie was created by ImHereForDelver, a member of the Delver community. It was included in his mod along with the Eye. Interrupt liked both of the enemies so he added them to Delver.
  • The poison that the Zombie gives the player will not kill you.
  • The Zombie, the Worm, and the Poison trap are the only things in Delver that can cause poison to the player.
  • While the Zombie is an undead monster, it is located in the Dungeon Floors.

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